About Us

Addrek fundamental idea of the company, and the crucial purpose was to provide customized solutions and products that will fit perfectly to the customers’ needs. In order to do that, Addrek started investing in high-end prototyping machines to be able to print PCBs, which are the fundamental pieces in every electronic device. For over a year, the company was maximizing the quality and the productivity of these machines to be able to produce the solutions and products in semi-small batch level. 60% of the prototyping machines are modified and customized to our needs. We are not just a firm but a team which endeavors on their finer work accomplishment; we yearn in achieving customer satisfaction.. 

We design and prototype consumer/corporate solutions and products.

We precise on customizing every product according to the clients’ requirements.

The cardinal philosophy of Addrek smart solutions is, we design the product/solution that will be reliable, durable, ergonomic and most crucially practical and easy to use.


Satisfied Corporate Customers

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